Gerald Celente: Amerikanen worden opgelicht door Goldman Sachs


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  1. The whole World is hoaxed and extorted by Them !
    And for about 25 years now they als plunder the Western World ,including the US !
    This by taking away all the Safety of lawprotections , by taking away through the years more and more rights and the money , to take away al Resistanse and Oppositions !
    By censurising ALL media , and take over , making the news and input !By raping All Children at elemenaties and make Them docile and obeying to the “great?” jew !
    They did that also back in the fifties with Brittain , when it Opposed the build of israel , they just sent in a bunch of rape squads , and Those Children became obedient , singing hava naguila , We are your whores !
    Now this Victimgeneration calls itself israels best friend!
    They also , when shit hits the fans , do not hesitate to deflect Attentions with even bigger crimes , like creating islamterrorism and attacking WTC and the US , on the Name of Some One in a Cave !This was also at their advantage to hoax Us in a “anti?” terrorsystem …..against Us Ourselfs to again silence Us once again !
    The war against terror they put Us in , in a far away farmfield of some terrified farmers is a hoax of the same tribe to deflect , and take the Attention away again from their very very filhty crimes agains Us in All the Western and Other Worlds!We are held hostage by them in Own Nations !Armies are fighting the wrong terrorist , while they rape their Children overhere in the Ass and Throats !
    That is the REAL terrorism !
    That are Real Bad people !

  2. I love this guy. He is so right in his observations. He just names it as it is. Wall Street is in charge now and they are all crooks and mafia.

    Celente makes me laugh also. Although it’s dead serious.

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